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SELLING ONLINE WITH MODE is one of New Zealand's largest online fashion store's, bringing together a network of New Zealand based fashion boutiques and enabling them to easily start selling online. Selling with Mode really is easy! Our vast online experience is at your service, covering everything from product upload, ongoing marketing, regularly updated website content, payments & refunds, social media and much more.

We’ve tailored Mode‘s service specifically to help independent New Zealand fashion retailers to compete online and to grow their businesses.



Your products and store will be promoted to Mode’s customer base and significant site traffic on an ongoing basis. This includes promotions in weekly email campaigns promoting latest arrivals and specials.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service. We cover a large portion of email related customer queries as well as running our Live Chat service to help customers on the website.

Upload & Editing

As part of our user-friendly product upload process we also include professional image editing to make sure your products look their best and are always consistent.

Seller Admin

When you join Mode you will receive access to your own Mode Seller Admin where you can view orders, manage your products and monitor your daily, weekly & monthly sales totals, giving you full control over your online inventory

Business Exposure

Your products will also display on your own Mode boutique page, which is unique to your business, includes your own branding and relevant lookbook imagery. This page displays your product listings exclusively – so you can direct your own customers to this page to view what's new in your store.

Payments & Refunds

All credit card transaction fees, website and hosting costs are all taken care of for you. Additionally, MODE processes all payments and refunds for customers on your behalf.

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